Services Provided

  • Genealogy and History Research
  • Missing Mineral Owners
  • Missing People Searches
  • Brick Wall Assistance
  • Single Record Search
  • Photography


  • Our hourly fee begins at $35.00 for genealogy and historical research and includes consultations, research, analysis of information or documents collected and preparation of research report(s).
  • Out-of-pocket expenses are charged to the Client. The expenses may include, but not limited to, photocopies, documents or certificate charge, repository pull fees, microfilm or microfiche rental, postage, parking and tolls, mileage over 30 miles is charged at 53 cents (2017 IRS rate) per mile.
  • We recommend ten (10) hours to get started for most of the services we provide. A retainer is required to begin a research project. The retainer is 50% of the authorized number of hours agreed upon.
  • We accept PayPal and checks.

Information About Your Ancestor

The following questions should be answered by the Client so that a Research Plan can be formulated to proceed with the Research Process:

  • Who is the principal person you are interested in knowing information about?
  • What specific information do you want to know about this person?
  • What information do you already know about this person? And, what sources do you have to back up facts you know about this person?

Remember, if you have any questions contact us.